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I write clean, efficient javascript to create robust full stack web applications.

About me


Hi, I'm Karsten. I'm a full-stack web developer, hobby linguist, and FOSS enthusiast. I love Linux and JavaScript. When I'm not programming for work you can find me learning more about coding, tinkering with a new project on my Raspberry Pi, learning about a new technology, or studying a foreign language.

              function selectCharacter(id) {
                move(id, 'your-character');
                align(id, 'good');
                const $r = $("#options div").detach();
                for (let i = 0; i < $r.length; i++) {
                  align($r[i].id, 'evil' );
                message("choose", id, null, " as your character" );

What I do


I build mobile-responsive, static single and multipage websites with ease using modern web technologies. I have extensive experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and can adapt to whatever CMS you're using. I'm currently building most of the front-end projects I'm working on with React, Svelte, Spectre, and Material UI.

Web Applications

I have proven experience building MERN and LAMP stack applications. I also have experience using and writing custom ORMs for SQL. Although I don't have much technical experience with network security, I'm fascinated by it. My favorite DOS attack is the Slow Lorris.

Open Source

My laptop has been running Linux for the past 6 years now, and there's nothing I love more than trying a new distro or desktop environment. I have experience with Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Kali, Parrot OS, and Raspbian, and have spent years customizing and scripting in these environments.

Get in touch if you need work done or want to collaborate!

My public PGP key can also be found on the MIT Keyserver.

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          function getContribGraph() {
            //Use proxy to avoid CORS issues
            const proxy = 'https://corsproxy.io/?';
            const url = proxy + encodeURIComponent('https://github.com/krab7191');
              url: url
            }).then(data => {

          function appendContribs(data) {
            let graph = data.substring(data.indexOf("graph-before-activity-overview") - 41, data.length);
            graph = graph.substring(graph.indexOf(">") + 6, graph.indexOf("</svg>") + 6) + "</div>";
            $("#github-graph").html("<a href='https://github.com/krab7191'>My GitHub contributions</a>" +graph);
            $("#github-graph > div").addClass("col-md-12").addClass("col-lg-12").addClass("mx-auto");
Old projects from bootcamp. (Not maintained)

Rust Calculator

A simple Rust calculator

A simple POC calculator done in Rust, compiled to a webassembly node package and rendered in React

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Run Amok

A data collection app for Run-Amok Meadery

This is one of the first applications my colleagues and I built for a real world client. We're excited to see where this journey will take us.

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A lightweight Pandora web client based on Pithos

This MERN stack web application uses the unofficial Pandora API to play your tunes! Based on the Linux Pandora Client Pithos, Amphora is faster and lighter weight than the Pandora web client.

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A wine tasting application for Starrlight Meadery

My final Bootcamp team and I built this app for Starrlight Meadery in Pittsboro. It enables them to migrate from paper based wine / mead tastings to digital ones.

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Memory Game

A metal themed memory game

This heavy-metal guitarist themed memory game is built with React and styled implementing Google's beautiful Material Design.

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Svelte Talk

Svelte.js and Sapper

A presentation on Svelte.js and Sapper for the Triangle Adult Junior Developers meetup on November 13th 2019.

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A lightweight Al-Jazeera news scraper

Built with Handlebars, MongoDB, and Cheerio, this lightweight news scraper allows users to comment on articles and see what others have posted.

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The home page of the heavy metal hangman site.


A heavy-metal themed version of the old classic hangman game

This version of the classic hangman game showcases my love for heavy metal music as well as front-end scripting.

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Bamazon command line


A command line mysql ORM storefront application

Bamazon is a Node.js application which implements the packages inquirer, mysql and cli-table. It presents 3 'storefront' portals which interface in different ways with the database to simulate customer, supervisor, and manager responsabilities at this virtual store.

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CLI hangman

A modularized node command line version of hangman

This Node app implements inquirer and is a great showcase for modularization and OOP.

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LIRI is a Node command line media API tool.

LIRI (Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface) takes user input on the command line and hits the Twitter, OMDB, and Spotify APIs to search for movies, tv shows, songs and tweets.

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A lightweight heavy metal themed client for Giphy.com

Search for and play / pause animated GIFs from Giphy.com using the Giphy API.

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Star Wars RPG

A Star Wars themed 'RPG' game

A game which showcases beautiful frontend design with jQuery and Bootstrap. Pick a character and and opponent and fight! Try to be the last one standing.

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Contact me

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